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Panuku Development Auckland

Panuku Development Auckland is a council-controlled organisation. It was established in September 2015, the result of merging Auckland Council Property Limited and Waterfront Auckland.

Panuku works closely with Auckland Council, other CCOs and local boards to contribute to implementing the Auckland Plan and encourage economic development.

It does this by facilitating urban redevelopment that optimises and integrates:

  • good public transport outcomes
  • efficient and sustainable infrastructure
  • quality public services and amenities.

Panuku also:

  • manages the council’s non-service property portfolio and provides strategic advice on council’s other property portfolios
  • redevelops underutilised council assets, aiming to achieve an overall balance of commercial and strategic outcomes.

Objectives and roles
Priority development locations
Board of directors 


Objectives and roles

Panuku Development Auckland has six key objectives and six key roles.

Key objectives

  • Facilitate redevelopment of urban locations consistent with the Auckland Plan.
  • Accommodate residential and commercial growth through facilitating the quality development of urban locations with excellent infrastructure and services.
  • Facilitate development of vibrant, adaptable and resilient places that inspire wellbeing, promote health and safety and are fully accessible.
  • Lead the development of the Auckland waterfront in a way that balances commercial and public good objectives, including high quality urban design.
  • Optimise the council's property portfolio, including facilitating redevelopment of underutilised council landholdings within current urban boundaries.
  • Contribute to the management of non-service properties, in partnership with the council group.

Key roles

Panuku is involved throughout the lifecycle of property, from buying, managing and selling property on behalf of Auckland Council and CCOs, through identifying when property is no longer required or when it can be used to better meet community needs.

Development led by Panuku focuses on urban areas (or ‘brownfield’ locations) identified in the Auckland Plan and where there is a level of community need. A priority is helping to facilitate an increase in housing supply, particularly affordable housing and housing for the elderly.

Place shaping
Any development needs to ensure that it reflects the character and needs of the area. The place shaping team lead the master planning of a location to ensure it does just that.

Panuku buys property on behalf of Auckland Council for development, roads, infrastructure projects and other service needs, which we call ‘acquisitions’.

Property management
Primarily Panuku manages non-service properties on behalf of Auckland Council and Auckland Transport. These are generally properties that have been purchased for a future use such as road upgrades but aren’t currently required.

Portfolio review
Panuku manages around $2 billion worth of council property, which we continuously review to release land or properties that are no longer required by Auckland Council.

Sale of Auckland Council property 
Another role is the sale of Auckland Council property that has been declared surplus to council requirements. This process is called disposals.


Priority development locations

Panuku's priority locations have been selected based on:

  • where Auckland Council owns land
  • where there is an opportunity to work with partners such as government and iwi
  • where there is the greatest community need.

For information on the priority locations, see the Panuku Development Auckland website.

Board of directors

Chairperson: Richard Aitken

Directors: Anne Blackburn, Evan Davies, Richard Leggat, Susan Macken, Paul Majurey, Mike Pohio, Martin Udale.

Executive: Roger MacDonald

For more information, including how to get in touch, see the Panuku Development Auckland website.

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