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Hauraki Gulf Forum

The Hauraki Gulf Forum (HGF) is a statutory body, which promotes and facilitates integrated management and the protection and enhancement of the Hauraki Gulf, under the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Act 2000.

It is administered by Auckland Council.


The HGF members include:

  • representatives of the Ministers of Conservation, Fisheries and Māori Affairs
  • elected representatives of Auckland Council, Waikato Regional Council, Thames-Coromandel, Hauraki, Waikato and Matamata-Piako District Councils
  • representatives of the tangata whenua of the Hauraki Gulf and its islands appointed by the Minister of Conservation.

Member Representative

Minister of Conservation

Mr Andrew Baucke

Minister of Fisheries

Mr Steve Halley

Minister of Māori Affairs

Mr Leo Koziol

Auckland Council

Cr John Watson

Auckland Council

Cr Richard Hills 

Auckland Council

Cr Michael Lee

Auckland Council

Cr Chris Darby

Auckland Council

Cr Wayne Walker

Auckland Council Great Barrier Local Board

Mr Jeff Cleave

Auckland Council Waiheke Local Board

Mr John Meeuwsen

Hauraki District Council

Mayor John Tregidga

Matamata-Piako District Council

Cr Paul Cronin

Thames-Coromandel District Council

Mayor Sandra Goudie

Waikato District Council

Cr Rob McGuire

Waikato Regional Council

Cr Dal Minogue

Tangata Whenua

Ms Moana Tamaariki-Pohe

Tangata Whenua

Mr Terrence Hohneck

Tangata Whenua

Ms Nicola MacDonald

Tangata Whenua

Mr Paul Majurey

Tangata Whenua

Ms Liane Ngamane
(Deputy Chair)

Tangata Whenua

Ms Lucy Steel

Forum meetings and agendas

The HGF meets quarterly to examine issues related to the protection and enhancement of the Hauraki Gulf.

Meetings are open to the public.

For recent Hauraki Gulf Forum meetings and agendas, visit our agendas and minutes page.

Strategic issues

The HGF promotes and facilitates integrated management and the protection and enhancement of the Hauraki Gulf.

Its current programme of work is focused on five priority response areas:

  • regenerating areas
  • enhanced fisheries
  • mana whenua integration
  • active land management
  • knowledge utilisation.

The Gulf Journal

To support inspired management and action around the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park/ Tikapa Moana/ Te Moananui a Toi, the HGF has created a sister website – the Gulf Journal.


The forum works with education providers and media partners to communicate the special qualities of the Hauraki Gulf, and opportunities to protect and enhance it.

Each year it hosts a Hauraki Gulf Marine Park seminar.

Community monitoring

The HGF supports the development and coordination of the Community Shellfish Monitoring Programme in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park.


The Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Act 2000

The Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Act 2000 was established to promote integrated management and the protection and enhancement of the Hauraki Gulf.

The Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Act Guidance Series

The Hauraki Gulf Forum has produced a series of guides on how the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park can be given effect to in policy making and management practice. See Guidance series publications.

State of our gulf

Every three years, the Hauraki Gulf Forum produces a report on the state of the Hauraki Gulf environment and the responses by agencies to its protection and enhancement.

For media release, State of our Gulf 2011 and 2014 reports, see State of  the Hauraki Gulf publications.

Economic Stocktake

View Towards an Economic Valuation of the Hauraki Gulf: A Stock-take of Activities and Opportunities.

Annual reports

The forum is required to present an annual report on the exercise of its powers, the carrying out of its functions, and progress towards achieving its purposes to the House of Representatives by August 31 each year.

For current and previous HGF annual reports, see State of  the Hauraki Gulf publications.

Hauraki Gulf poster series

View our educational Hauraki Gulf wildlife poster series.

Seabirds of the Hauraki Gulf

For more information about Seabirds of the Hauraki Gulf: Natural History, Research and Conservation report, see State of  the Hauraki Gulf publications.


The Hauraki Gulf Forum (HGF) newsletter, Weaving the Strands, reports important initiatives happening around the Hauraki Gulf.

For the current and previous HGF newsletters, see State of  the Hauraki Gulf publications


The forum hosts an annual Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Seminar.

View presentations from previous seminars to find out more.

Current projects

The Hauraki Gulf Forum responds to issues and opportunities by facilitating workshops and seminars on topical or emerging subjects.

Public seminar presentation by Dr Melissa Foley, Stanford University held on 7 December 2011:

Marine spatial planning (PDF 5.96MB)

Public Presentation by Charles Ehler, co-author of the UNESCO Guide to Marine Spatial Planning on 11 September 2013:

See the Auckland Conversations website.

In September 2013, the Sea Change project launched a marine spatial plan for the Hauraki Gulf:

Visit the Sea Change website for details.

The Hauraki Gulf Forum, Environmental Defence Society and University of Auckland held stakeholder workshops in 2012 and 2014 to identify urgent responses to the issue.

Read the presentations:

Sharing the waters: minimising ship collisions with Bryde’s whales in the Hauraki Gulf(PDF 1.38MB)

Potential for protection of Bryde’s whales in the Hauraki Gulf under domestic legislation(PDF 1.52MB)

In September 2013, Ports of Auckland Ltd and the shipping industry released a new transit protocol designed to reduce the risk of collisions with whales. For more information, read the Ports of Auckland press release.

Leena Reikkola's BSc Hons thesis on shipstrike mitigation (PDF 3MB)

Analysis of vessel transits, IFAW, August 2014 (PDF 182KB)

The Hauraki Gulf Forum works with Southern Seabird Solutions Trust and others to promote seabird smart recreational and commercial fishing practices.

Presentation by Cam Speedy, Southern Seabird Solutions Trust: Do Seabirds Matter? (PDF 5.3MB)

See the Southern Seabird Trust website for more resources, including videos on seabird smart fishing.

2015 Welcome back event on Great Barrier on YouTube

Hauraki Gulf Seabirds guide: Forest and Bird (PDF 3.5MB)


Tim Higham
Executive Officer Hauraki Gulf Forum
Auckland Council
Private Bag 92300
Auckland 1142

DDI: 09 890 4700
Fax: 09 301 0100
Mobile: 021 175 8560
Email: Tim Higham

Kalinda Gopal
Governance advisor
Mobile: 021 723 228

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