Local boards

Local board plans and agreements

Local board plans

Local boards are required to develop a local board plan every three years. Local board plans are guiding documents for local boards.

The plans are strategic three-year plans which reflect the priorities and preferences of the community.

Local board plans guide:

  • local board decisions on local activities, projects and facilities
  • local input into the regional strategies and plans of Auckland Council
  • how local boards work with other agencies that play a key role in their area, including community groups, central government agencies and council-controlled organisations.

The plans form the basis for development of the annual local board agreements for each financial year. They also inform the development of the council’s Long-term Plan, the council's 10-year-budget.

Each of the local board plans were adopted in October 2014.

How we developed the local board plans

The 21 local boards started developing their local board plans in December 2013.

The plans were built from the bottom up and led by local board members. They were also informed by extensive, inclusive and innovative engagement with local communities.

Each plan is the local board’s commitment to enhance community wellbeing and provides a local mandate to work with the governing body and other partners, such as Auckland Transport.

The development of the 21 new local board plans included:

  • distribution of over half a million draft summaries
  • engagement with 13,600 people across Auckland
  • processing of 8129 formal submissions
  • hearing 600 verbal submissions.

View the local board plans

You can read the local board plan relevant to your area by visiting your local board page

Want to find out more?  Email your questions to localboardplans@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

Local board agreements

Each year, every local board makes a local board agreement with the governing body for the delivery and funding of services in the local area.

Local board agreements reflect the priorities contained within each board's three-year local board plan.

The agreement must also reflect decisions and trade-offs made by the governing body about Auckland-wide priorities and budget across all council activities.

The local board agreement must include:

  • the intended levels of service for each local activity and the way in which performance will be measured
  • the estimated expenses of achieving and maintaining those intended levels of service
  • how any expenses in excess of the funding allocated to the local board are to be met (including from local revenue sources).

Process for creating local board agreements

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