Local boards

Local Board Plans and agreements

Local Board Plans

Local Board Plans are strategic documents that are adopted every three years. Their purpose is to set a direction for the local area that reflects community priorities and preferences.

They guide local board activity, funding and investment decisions. They also influence local board input into regional strategies and plans, including the Auckland Plan. 

Relationship between local board plans and other council plans.

Each local board develops annual work programmes following confirmation of the budget available to them via the annual budget setting process. 


Draft Local Board Plans 2017

The draft Local Board Plans consultation closed on Friday 30 June 2017.

All feedback will be considered by elected members. Local boards will adopt their final local board plans by October 2017.

If you have any questions about Local Boards Plans 2017, please email local board plans.

Local board agreements

Each year, every local board makes a local board agreement with the governing body for the delivery and funding of services in the local area.

Local board agreements reflect the priorities contained within each board's three-year local board plan.

The agreement must also reflect decisions and trade-offs made by the governing body about Auckland-wide priorities and budget across all council activities.

The local board agreement must include:

  • the intended levels of service for each local activity and the way in which performance will be measured
  • the estimated expenses of achieving and maintaining those intended levels of service
  • how any expenses in excess of the funding allocated to the local board are to be met (including from local revenue sources).

Process for creating local board agreements

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