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Te Waka Angamua
Māori Strategy and Relations

The name Te Waka Angamua means “the canoe moving forward together”
– it encapsulates the vision, purpose and mission of the department.

Te Angamua refers to the landing of a waka (canoe); it can also mean to strive forward or to advance forward. The name also acknowledges the past:  “Me titiro whakamuri kia anga whakamua – we must look from whence we came to advance forward”.

He pītau whakareia, wāwahi ngaru, whāia tōna au
Leading and influencing better outcomes for Māori

The Auckland Plan, Unitary Plan, Long-term Plan and local board plans articulate Auckland Council’s commitment to Māori.

We are also committed to meeting our broad legal obligations to Māori, including responsibilities under Te Tiriti o Waitangi (Treaty of Waitangi).

We recognise these responsibilities are distinct from the Crown's treaty obligations and fall within our local government Tāmaki Makaurau - Auckland context.

What we do

The role of Te Waka Angamua - Māori Strategy and Relations is to drive Auckland Council’s responsiveness to Māori and better enable it to contribute to Māori well-being. 

The department is responsible for providing advice on all Māori-specific policy, planning, research and evaluation, stakeholder engagement, relationship management, bicultural development and training, and Māori protocol and process information and activities.

To achieve this, Te Waka Angamua is structured to respond to Auckland Council’s evolving relationships with Māori throughout Tāmaki Makaurau.

Who we are

Kāwana Whakahaere - Governance Support:

Enables and supports elected member relationships with Māori. 

Examples of functions:

  • Supporting elected members to foster and build relationships with Māori communities
  • Supporting elected members with Māori specialist advice and guidance 
  • Providing post-Treaty of Waitangi settlement support to mana whenua - tribes who have ancestral rights and obligations to Tāmaki Makaurau - and council staff
  • Enabling effective Māori participation in council governance processes and decision-making to achieve better outcomes with Māori
  • Strengthening council’s relationships with mana whenua and Māori

Tūhono - Māori Outcomes Programmes:

Leads and supports cross-council programmes of work to contribute to significantly lifting Māori cultural, social and economic well-being.

Examples of functions:

  • Facilitating the involvement of mana whenua in council projects, policies
    and plans
  • Providing advice on resource management and planning issues
  • Providing advice on tikanga Māori (Māori principles and protocols)  – integrating te ao Māori (Māori world view) principles, knowledge, practice and values into council culture, thinking and practices
  • Facilitating and coordinating tikanga support and advice for civic ceremonies, events, blessings, welcomes and farewells
  • Support for translations
  • Providing advice and support for issues relating to tapu (sacred matters), rāhui (prohibitions) and kōiwi (human bones)


Whakatupu - Organisation Effectiveness and Development:

Develops the organisation’s ability to effectively respond to Māori.

Adds and creates value within the council by leading and supporting council initiatives towards positive outcomes relevant to Māori.

Embeds Māori responsiveness as a core element of the organisation's culture, operations and service delivery through the Treaty Audit Response Programme.

Examples of functions:

  • Providing advice and guidance to support council’s engagement with Māori
  • Building council capability, knowledge and understanding through provision
    of Māori learning and development courses and workshops
  • Providing advice and support for projects seeking to improve how council operates such as Māori responsiveness planning 

Ahikā - Department Business, Finance and Administration Support:

Provides departmental support and coordination to programmes, events, procurement and resourcing requirements.

Examples of functions:

  • Department business finances
  • Project administration and coordination
  • Coordination of pōwhiri (formal welcoming ceremonies)
  • Coordination of Māori learning and development workshops
  • Maintaining stakeholder contact information

Further information and contacts

For any enquiries email tewakaangamua@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

Te Waka Angamua has a working relationship with the Executive Officer and secretariat of the Independent Māori Statutory Board.

Mana whenua - kaitiaki (iwi resource management contacts) of Tāmaki Makaurau

Read more about mana whenua (kaitiaki) of Tāmaki Makaurau.

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