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Alternative funding for transport discussion

Auckland has a pressing need for more investment in transport infrastructure and services. This consultation offers an opportunity for all Aucklanders to shape how we meet this need.

Auckland is already reaching the limits for how many cars it can cope with on our roads and its population is growing rapidly. There are also limits to how much more transport investment can be acceptably funded from existing sources like fuel taxes, per kilometre charges on diesel vehicles and council rates.

This means Aucklanders and other New Zealanders need to make some hard decisions about the kind of transport options we want and how we are going to pay for them.

For further information, please read the following discussion document:

Getting Auckland moving - Alternative funding for transport discussion document (1.7mb)

Now we want your feedback. Give us your views by filling out our online survey or complete the following printable feedback form:

Getting Auckland moving - Alternative funding for transport feedback form (742kb)

Feedback on this document has now closed. These will be provided to the Mayor and councillors for consideration before deciding whether to progress any of the proposals further.

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