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Auckland economic analysis

We provide analysis of the Auckland economy and insight into economic issues relevant to Auckland.

This in-depth information helps our elected representatives make informed decisions for the future of Auckland.

Housing supply, choice and affordability report

Released on 30 September 2015, this report was commissioned by the mayor and deputy mayor to identify the full, complex set of levers that could help resolve the housing issue in Auckland.

In producing this report, the chief economist consulted with a number of subject matter experts across the public and private sectors. The report is independent policy analysis undertaken by the chief economist and is not Auckland Council policy.

Housing supply, choice and affordability (PDF 2.8MB)

Auckland Economic Quarterly

Contains commentary on Auckland's economy, including the latest economic indicators on unemployment, housing, migration and more. Includes feature articles by guest authors. 

Chart packs contain information that complements the Auckland Economic Quarterly, including key graphs on Auckland's economy.

Subscribe to Auckland Economic Quarterly or read a past edition.

Auckland Economic Quarterly - December 2015 (PDF 948KB)
Chart Pack - December 2015 (PDF 890KB)

Auckland Economic Quarterly - August 2015 (PDF 870KB)
Chart Pack - August 2015 (PDF 420KB)

Auckland Economic Quarterly - March 2015 (PDF 7.3MB)
Chart Pack - March 2015 (PDF 900KB)

Auckland Economic Quarterly - October 2014 (PDF 504KB)
Chart Pack - October 2014 (PDF 409KB)

Auckland Economic Quarterly - July 2014 (PDF 504KB)
Chart Pack - July 2014 (PDF 431KB)

Auckland Economic Quarterly - April 2014 (PDF 1MB)
Chart Pack - April 2014 (PDF 475KB)

Auckland Economic Quarterly - January 2014 (PDF 563KB)
Chart Pack - January 2014 (PDF 440KB)

Auckland Economic Quarterly - October 2013 (PDF 472KB)
Chart Pack - October 2013 (PDF 193KB)

Auckland Economic Quarterly - July 2013 (PDF 595KB)
Auckland Economic Quarterly - April 2013 (PDF 1.5MB)
Auckland Economic Quarterly - January 2013 (PDF 348KB)

Auckland Economic Update

A monthly snapshot of the Auckland economy.

February 2016 (PDF 359KB)
January 2016 (PDF 359KB)
December 2015 (PDF 360KB)
November 2015 (PDF 359KB)
October 2015 (PDF 359KB)
September 2015 (PDF 359KB)
August 2015 (PDF 357KB)
July 2015 (PDF 349KB)
June 2015 (PDF 340KB)
May 2015 (PDF 324KB)
April 2015 (PDF 345KB)
March 2015 (PDF 338KB)
February 2015 (PDF 346KB)
January 2015 (PDF 344KB)

December 2014 (PDF 382KB)
November 2014 (PDF 441KB)
October 2014 (PDF 766KB)
September 2014 (PDF 285KB)
August 2014 (PDF 423KB)
July 2014 (PDF 433KB)
June 2014 (PDF 115KB)
May 2014 (PDF 272KB)
April 2014 (PDF 285KB)
March 2014 (PDF 155KB)
February 2014 (PDF 285KB)
January 2014 (PDF 280KB)
December 2013 (PDF 280KB)
November 2013 (PDF 113KB)
October 2013 (PDF 176KB)

Economic profiles

See Economic profiles by area for more information on Auckland and its 21 local boards.

These profiles are produced and maintained by Infometrics on behalf of Auckland Council.

Business and Economy

Business and Economy is our annual state of the economy publication.

It has a key focus each year. The theme for 2014 is transnationalism and the global economy.

Business and Economy in Auckland 2014 (PDF 2.9MB)

Opinion pieces

Read the latest opinion pieces from our economics team.

Research scholarship in urban economics

The Chief Economist Research Scholarship in Economics was established in 2013 to support and encourage research in urban economics. The scholarship is funded by the Chief Economist’s Unit at Auckland Council.

This scholarship provides funds of up to $4000 to support research as part of a programme of postgraduate study at a New Zealand university in economics or policy issues relevant to Auckland.

Applications are managed through Universities New Zealand. For information on the scholarship and application process, visit the Universities New Zealand website.

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