Council-controlled organisations

Board and public meeting guidelines for CCOs

The public meeting guidelines for CCO boards are summarised below:

  1. Publicly advertise meetings in the NZ Herald and CCO/Council websites five working days prior to the meeting, giving notice of the date and venue.
  2. Agenda outline and open reports to be published on the CCO/Council websites two working days* prior to the meetings.

    NB: Confidential agenda reports to note reasons for confidentiality and confidential minutes to be available on request once the reason for confidentiality has expired.
  3. For the two public meetings per annum required by legislation, the Board must allocate a reasonable amount of time for members of the public to address the board in relation to the subject matter of the meeting.

    The Chairperson may allow a member of the public to speak for up to five minutes at any board meeting. Members of the public should make their request in advance of the meeting to the Chair.
  4. Publish the unconfirmed minutes on the CCO/Council websites, no later than five working days* after the meeting and publish the confirmed minutes after the next meeting.

* CCOs publishing agenda and minutes through the council website should allow one additional working day required for technical preparation of their materials before they can be published online.

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