Local boards

About local boards

Local boards have a significant and wide-ranging role that spans most local government services and activities. 

Local boards make decisions on local matters, provide local leadership and support strong local communities.

Local boards provide important local input into region-wide strategies and plans including those of the council-controlled organisations (CCOs).

Local boards are responsible for:

  • making decisions about non-regulatory local matters, including negotiating the standards of services delivered locally
  • identifying and communicating the views of local people on regional strategies, policies, plans and bylaws to the governing body 
  • developing local board plans every three years and negotiating local board agreements with the governing body
  • providing local leadership and developing relationships with the governing body, the community, community organisations and special interest groups in the local area 
  • providing input to CCO plans and initiatives 
  • identifying and developing bylaws for the local board area and proposing them to the governing body 
  • monitoring and reporting on the implementation of local board agreements
  • any additional responsibilities delegated by the governing body, such as decisions within regional bylaws.

Use our locator to find your local board and find out who the local board members are.

Find out more about local board meetings and local board plans and agreements.

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