Whau Local Board


Whau plans, agreements and reports

In this section you will find information about plans, agreements and reports that relate to the Whau Local Board and community.

Information about council's key plans can be found in the See also panel.

Whau Local Board Plan 2017

Every three years each of Auckland’s 21 local boards develops a local board plan, which guides their decisions on local activities and projects. 

The three-year plans reflect community priorities, preferences and guide:

  • the local board’s decisions on local activities, projects and facilities
  • the local board’s input into the regional strategies and plans of Auckland Council
  • how the local board works with other agencies that play a key role in local areas including community groups, central government agencies and council-controlled organisations.

Local board plans also form the basis for development of the annual local board agreements for each financial year, and inform the development of Auckland Council's Long-Term Plan, the council's 10-year-budget.

Following consultation, feedback will be considered and the board will adopt the final Whau Local Board Plan by October 2017. 

Whau Neighbourhood Greenways Plan

The Whau Neighbourhood Greenways Plan outlines the long-term ‘Greenways plan’ (often termed ‘Greenways network’) for the Whau Local Board area.

Greenways plans similar to this have been developed throughout the world, with Portland, Oregon being one of the most successful.

Auckland’s Greenways plans are a series of linked, visionary plans being driven from the ‘ground up’ by local boards with the long-term aim of greatly improving walking, cycling and ecological connections across the region.

Whau Neighbourhood Greenways Plan (PDF 15.6MB)

Whau Local Board Environmental Action Report

The purpose of the Whau Local Boad Environmental Action Report (WEAR) is to establish a living inventory of environmentally focused projects and programmes in the Whau Local Board area.

The board aims to provide a simple, logical framework to determine appropriate levels of support, coordination and involvement.

Read the Whau Environment Action Report (PDF 2.8MB)

Whau Local Board Agreement 2016/2017

The local board agreement sets out the local board's budget and funding for activities and performance measures for the financial year.

Local board agreements are part of the council's annual budget.

 Whau Local Board Agreement 2016/2017 (PDF 782KB) 


Whau Open Space Network Plan

The Whau Open Space Network Plan sets out actions for delivering a sustainable and quality network of open spaces for the local board area. The plan responds to anticipated growth in the area and will and provide the community with access to a range of recreational, social, cultural and environmental experiences.

The plan will assist Auckland Council to prioritise its spending for parks and open space development by identifying projects for prioritisation through the local board plan, long-term plan and annual plan processes.

Whau Open Space Network Plan (PDF 3.5MB)

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