Mayor of Auckland


Invite the mayor to an event

Mayor Phil GoffIf you would like to invite the mayor to an event, you can email Phil Goff.

In your invitation please describe the event, including:

  • the name
  • the date
  • the time
  • the location
  • an idea of who will be attending.

Include the duration of the event and the desired duration of the mayor’s attendance (for example, could he attend the first hour of a four-hour event?). Mention if you would like him to give a speech, and if so, what you would like him to talk about and how long you would like the speech to be. Three to five minutes is the average length of a speech.

The mayor’s diary manager will check his availability. If the mayor is not available, the mayor’s office may suggest that the invitation be extended to another Auckland Council elected representative.

Addressing the Mayor

Written style: Please use ‘the mayor’ as first mention, and ‘Phil Goff’ in any subsequent mentions.

Verbal style: For official introductions, please use ‘the mayor, Phil Goff’ or 'Mayor of Auckland, Phil Goff'. Direct address is ‘Mr Mayor.’

Phil Goff prefers not to use the honorific 'His Worship'.

For enquiries please contact us on 09 301 0101.

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