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Seniors Advisory Panel

The Seniors Advisory Panel provides knowledge on issues that are important to older Aucklanders aged 65 years and over, in relation to the council's regional strategies, policies, plans and bylaws.

The panel also advises the council on how to engage effectively with older Aucklanders.

You can find out more information in the demographic panel Terms of Reference:

Demographic Panel Terms of Reference (PDF 97KB)


  • Janet Clews (Interim Chair)
  • David Wong
  • Joan Lardner-Rivlin
  • Judy Blakey
  • Mary Tunks
  • Mihkorei Roberta Te Huia
  • Roger Fowler
  • Sonny Manuel Niha
  • Councillor Linda Cooper (Liaison Councillor)
  • Councillor Cathy Casey (Chief Liaison Councillor)


The Seniors Advisory Panel holds three scheduled meetings and up to seven workshops each year. 

Scheduled meetings are open to the public.

For dates, agendas and minutes, see agendas and minutes.

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To attend or present at a meeting of the Seniors Advisory Panel, or find more information, contact us.


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