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What the grades mean

Grades are allocated as follows:

Grade Standard of compliance 
A High
B Good
D Poor
E Unsatisfactory
Pending New/recently transferred ownership

Grading assessments are scored based on the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974, the Auckland Council Food Safety Bylaw, and best food hygiene practice.

For each assessment an Environmental Health Officer will inspect the premises, examining:

  • the standard of the premises
  • the conduct and maintenance of the premises
  • process control
  • cleaning and sanitising
  • staff training.

Officers compare premises against a list of criteria and assign one of four grades: A, B, D and E. There is no 'C' grade as all food premises are either above or below 'average' food safety standards.

All businesses providing food to the public must display a certificate that shows their grade. The Food Safety Bylaw requires the certificate to be conspicuously displayed at the principal entrance, in full and un-obscured view.

To report a food premise failing to display its food grading certificate, please contact us.

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