Licences and regulations

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Bylaws are rules made by council that affect the way we live, work and play in certain areas. They cover health, safety and a range of environmental issues.

Bylaws under review

We have started a review programme to bring together the 158 existing bylaws made by former councils and create consistent rules across Auckland.

The existing bylaws remain in place and in force until we review, cancel or amend them, or they expire.

Our bylaw review programme will assess each bylaw topic and establish if a bylaw is the best way to address the problem and support the community.

Click on the topic below to see which bylaws we are reviewing:

Have your say

We want to hear your views on Auckland’s bylaws. You will have the opportunity to make a written and/or verbal submission on any new bylaws we create.

The current consultations section above will show bylaws when they are open for submission. See bylaws under review to see when we will ask for your feedback.

Read more about council's feedback process.

Report a breach of bylaw

Our Bylaw Enforcement Officers investigate breaches in council bylaws.

Contact us If you think that someone has breached a council bylaw. We are ready to help with your enquiries seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

How does council set bylaws?

Auckland Council and Auckland Transport are the main bylaw-making authorities.

Local boards may propose bylaws that apply only to their area, and Watercare promote but do not set bylaws.

Once the community agrees with a bylaw, we and external agencies such as the New Zealand Police will enforce it.

We have developed the Auckland Bylaw Standard (PDF 485KB) to make sure we create bylaws that are easy to understand, use and maintain.