District plan

Auckland Council District Plan
Operative Auckland City - Isthmus Section 1999

About the plan

What is the district plan?

The district plan is a legal document which sets out the council's policies and strategies for managing the natural and physical resources of the Auckland Isthmus for the future.

How does the plan achieve this?

The plan imposes various rules to control the effects of activities and development on the Auckland Isthmus.

Activity and development flow chart

Activity and development flow chart.

How is the plan composed?

The plan is made up of a set of maps and a written document (the text). The maps show all properties on the Isthmus.

  • They show the various zonings which limit the activities and development allowed on a property.
  • They also show any other limitations which may apply to particular properties (e.g. special height restrictions, protected trees, public works).

The written text sets out the policies, strategies and the rules which are designed to control activities and development. The text is arranged as follows:

  • Part 2-3 - overview of resource management issues, processes and approaches
  • Parts 4-4A - general procedures and rules
  • Part 4B - financial contributions
  • Parts 5-5E - natural and physical environment
  • Part 6 - major element of the human environment
  • Parts 7-12 - controls on residential and business development, community facilities, open space, subdivision and transport
  • Part 13 - interpretations and definitions
  • Appendices - detailed information and schedules
  • Annexures - non-statutory guidelines for activities and development

What parts of the plan explain the activities and development permitted on a property?

The controls which affect you're property are mainly contained in the following parts of the plan:

  • Parts 4 and 4A contain general provisions and rules for development.
  • Part 7 (residential) and Part 8 (business) contain the rules, which control activities and development in the residential and business zones. A wide range of zones applies with a variety of controls. You should refer to the zoning maps to determine the particular zone which applies to your properly.The range of activities allowed on properties in each zone is specified, as are the relevant development controls.
  • Part 11 (subdivision) contains the rules for subdividing a property. The subdivision standards vary between zones.
  • Part 12 (transportation) contains the rules which specify the vehicular requirements for each activity on a properly.

What type of activities are specified in the plan?

The district plan classifies activities into four groups:

  • Permitted - these activities can be carried out as of right (e.g. a home occupation in a residential zone) but they must comply with the specified development controls (e.g. maximum building height, building yards and off-street car parking requirements).
  • Controlled - these activities require additional conditions to make them suitable for their surroundings (e.g. building design and appearance controls, landscaping requirements, special traffic measures).
  • Discretionary - aspects of activities may not be suitable on all properties in a zone. To determine this, the Council's consent is required.
  • Prohibited - these activities are listed as prohibited on the isthmus.

It is noted that a non-complying activity is one which is not provided for on the particular property concerned or in the plan.

What activities don't need consents?

The plan allows certain activities to proceed without a resource consent. Generally, these are classified as permitted activities in a zone and must comply with all the zone's development controls. Usually, if these activities involve building, they will require a building consent. Other activities require a resource consent. These are:

  • controlled activities
  • discretionary activities
  • non-complying activities.

What activities need consents?

A resource consent must be granted before an activity or development is started. Information about applications for resource consent are contained in part 4 of the plan.

What other parts of the district plan may particularly affect a proposed activity or development?

The district plan contains particular controls for special circumstances

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