Bat in a person's hand. Image credit: Kerry Borkin
Credit: Kerry Borkin

Auckland is one of the only cities in New Zealand that still has resident populations of long-tailed bats.

Long-tailed bats are found in the Waitākere and Hunua Ranges, and on Little and Great Barrier islands. Auckland Council ecologists recently discovered new populations of long-tailed bats in Pakiri, Makarau, Kaukapakapa, Wainui, Clevedon, Riverhead and Swanson.

Short-tailed bats are only found on Little Barrier Island.

Numbers of long-tailed bats are declining due to habitat loss and predation by cats, possums and rats.

For more information on bats in your backyard, read our long-tailed bat factsheet (PDF 3.5MB).

Become a bat-spotter

Bats are hard to find, and people may mistake them for a small birds as they dive for insects at dusk.

We need region-wide surveys to study the impact of development and urban pressures on nationally vulnerable native bats, and find out how we can help bats survive.

Are there bats in your backyard, school or local park?

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