Biodiversity in Auckland

Tui on a flax bushBiodiversity (biological diversity) is the diversity of living things. It encompasses all life on land, in fresh water and in the sea, including the places or ecosystems where plants and animals live.

The Auckland region has an instantly recognisable, diverse natural environment filled with volcanic cones and craters, forests, streams, wetlands, estuaries, harbours, dunes and offshore islands.

These locations support a rich diversity of plants and animals, some of which are not found anywhere else in the world. 

Over one third of New Zealand's native shrub, tree and fern species can still be found in the Auckland region, as well as over half of New Zealand's native bird species. Native frogs, skinks, geckos and bats exist here in small populations.  

The Auckland region is a stronghold for a number of nationally threatened animals such as pateke, New Zealand dotterel, Auckland green gecko and Hochstetter's Frog.

Auckland is also home to several endemic species that are only found in this region, including the black petrel and chevron skink.

Native plants and animals that are special to the Auckland region

  • Black petrel
  • Chevron skink
  • Hochstetter's frog
  • Auckland green gecko
  • Hihi
  • Fairy tern
  • New Zealand storm petrel
  • New Zealand dotterel
  • North Island kōkako
  • Pōhutukawa, kauri, taraire, pūriri, cabbage tree, flax
  • Wētā

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