Native plants

Approximately 750 plants are native to the Auckland region, and 321 of these are classified as nationally or regionally threatened.

Thirty five native plants have disappeared from the Auckland region since records began.

We have eight very special plants which are not found anywhere else in the world except on the Hauraki Gulf islands. These species are:



Celmisia major var.major

Great Barrier and parts of the Auckland mainland

Waitākere rock koromiko
Hebe bishopiana

Waitākere Ranges

Great Barrier koromiko
Hebe pubescens subsp. rehuarum

Great Barrier Island

Mokohinau koromiko
Hebe pubescens subsp. sejuncta

Mokohinau Islands

Parahebe jovellanioides

Auckland mainland

Great Barrier Island kānuka
Kunzea sinclairii

Great Barrier Island

Great Barrier tree daisy
Olearia allomii

Great Barrier Island

Mokohinau groundsel
Senecio repangae subsp. pokohinuensis

Mokohinau Islands


For advice on planting native plants, see the planting guides on our biodiversity on your property page.

For help identifying native plants on your property, see the:

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