Biodiversity on your property

There are lots of things you can do on your land to help protect, restore and connect Auckland's biodiversity.

By planting the right native vegetation, you can help provide food for native birds, create habitats for other animals like skinks and geckos, and establish corridors to protect the movement of wildlife.

If you have a stream on your property, you can fence and plant streamside banks, and remove obstructions to native fish.

You may also want to engage in pest plant and animal control (see our biosecurity section), restore a wetland or forest, or apply for formal protection of an area through a conservation covenant.

The factsheets on the right of this page provide guidance depending on the type of environment within which you're working.

To share your restoration project and see what others are working on near you, check out the Nature Space networking website

Advice for home gardens

Everyone can help restore Auckland's biodiversity. Here's some advice for planning your home garden:

  • Understand your garden environment – the wet, dry, sunny and windy places, and your soil type.
  • Plant native trees and shrubs that provide shade, shelter and food for wildlife.
  • Consider the final size of the tree/shrub you plan to plant.
  • Consider whether plants will impede or enhance a view.
  • Consider the impact of plants on drainage and stormwater.
  • Plant native species local to your area – this is called ecosourcing.
  • Find out if your property is part of a green network or corridor.
  • Plant natives to provide colour and texture in urban gardens.
  • Space plants close to stop weeds.
  • Mulch around plants to stop weeds and help soil retain moisture.

For more information on encouraging native wildlife into your garden, see:

Wildlife and your backyard (PDF 1.9MB)
Lizards alive in your garden (PDF 1.1MB)

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