A covenant is a legal agreement to protect land with important natural values.

Conservation covenants protect significant land across the Auckland region, and provide:

  • habitats for native plants and animals
  • corridors of protected native habitats
  • improved stream health
  • protection against erosion.

Covenants are normally in perpetuity, and therefore bind both the current and future landowners.

An agreed document is drawn up outlining the rights and responsibilities of each party, and it is then registered against the title of the property.

There are four main ways of covenanting:

  • A conservation covenant with the Department of Conservation, Auckland Council, or another authorised body.
  • An open space covenant with the Queen Elizabeth II (QEII) National Trust.
  • A kawenata covenant for Māori landowners, which is also available through QEII.
  • A Ngā Whenua Rāhui Kawenata, which is between the Minister of Conservation and Māori landowners.

To find out more about covenants and other private land agreements, contact us.

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