Indigenous Biodiversity Strategy

The Auckland Plan identifies biodiversity loss as a challenge for Auckland, and acknowledges that decisions about growth and changes in land use have significant implications for biodiversity.

By protecting and restoring our natural environment, including our unique geology and indigenous biodiversity and ecosystems, we ensure that these valuable taonga (treasures) are conserved and handed on to future generations.

Our biodiversity vision

He taonga, ka whaihua nga rerenga kē o te Ao Turoa i Tāmaki Makaurau.

Auckland's indigenous biodiversity is flourishing and treasured.

The Indigenous Biodiversity Strategy sets out how we are going to structure our work in order to achieve the biodiversity goals established in the Auckland Plan.

To do this, the document sets eight key objectives and performance measures which we can use to evaluate and prioritise biodiversity projects.

The Indigenous Biodiversity Strategy applies to indigenous biodiversity on both public and private land.

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Our Draft Biodiversity Research Prospectus (PDF 1.5MB) identifies research topics and ideas relating to indigenous biodiversity that we have identified as priorities for investigation.

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