North-West Wildlink


The North-West Wildlink is a corridor of ecosystems linking regional biodiversity hotspots on the east and west coasts.

Native wildlife needs predator-free vegetation cover to move from place to place. The North-West Wildlink is expected to provide improved migration routes from Tiritiri Matangi Island to Shakespear Park and through to the Waitākere Ranges.

Bellbirds (korimako), native bats (pekapeka), and kaka as well as other species are expected to benefit from the North-West Wildlink.

North-West Wildlink is based on a ‘restoration approach’ with the focus on enhancing natural capital across existing natural areas, open space, production space, stream banks, esplanade reserves, and backyards to provide healthy and safe habitats, refuges and routes for native fauna and flora.

You can contribute to the North-West Wildlink by:

  • removing or controlling environmentally damaging weeds
  • eradicating or controlling environmentally damaging animal pests
  • fencing stock out of bush, streams and wetlands
  • planting native plants on your property to enhance a natural area and encourage native birds and lizards
  • map where green corridors exist in your local landscape, and join with neighbours to create linkages
  • share resources and join together with your community to work on projects.

For updates, you can read the latest North West Wildlink newsletter (PDF 248KB).

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