Our biodiversity services

Protecting and enhancing our indigenous ecosystems and species is critical to Auckland's environmental, social and economic wellbeing.

Auckland Council's biodiversity team provide specialist ecological and geological advice for a range of council functions and activities, including:

  • local and regional park management 
  • research and monitoring
  • local board and Governing Body ecological projects
  • planning, including Unitary Plan and resource consenting
  • private landowner and community ecological programmes.

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Services we provide

We can provide the public:

  • advice on protecting and enhancing native plant and animal species
  • advice and plans for restoring ecosystems
  • advice on funding and protection mechanisms
  • ecological advice and support to private landowners (rural and urban) and community gropus.

To request a site visit from a council expert, or to get advice or assistance protecting, restoring or enhancing biodiversity on your property, email the biodiversity team or phone 09 301 0101.

Protecting our biodiversity

Originally, our region was almost entirely covered by native forest, with saltmarsh and mangroves on the edges of estuaries, and spinifex and pingao on the sand dunes.

Today, much of the forest has been cleared, and most of our remaining native forest has been modified.

Auckland Council is working to protect our natural environment, by:

  • managing resources in a sustainable and integrated way, through the Resource Management Act and associated statutory mechanisms (in particular the Unitary Plan and scheduled Significant Ecological Areas)
  • caring for geological sites and indigenous biodiversity on council land,  including regional and local parks, as well as when building and maintaining stormwater and transport assets
  • implementing our Indigenous Biodiversity Strategy
  • supporting community initiatives
  • providing grants and funding.


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