Biosecurity in Auckland

As a geographically isolated nation, our native plants and wildlife lived for many centuries free of the predators that exist in other countries.

Since the arrival of humans and the many plants, animals and diseases that came with them, our native environment has suffered.

Auckland Council is working to preserve the native environment in our region, and reduce the damage caused by dominant threats such as pest animals.

Our biosecurity role

Under the Biosecurity Act 1993, Auckland Council is the authority responsible for the development and implementation of Auckland’s Regional Pest Management Strategy.

The strategy prescribes management of targeted pests to levels where they no longer pose a threat to our economy, natural biodiversity, health and cultural identity.

We work alongside the community, and in partnership with other organisations such as the Ministry for Primary Industries.

Our biosecurity officers can:

  • help you identify animal pests, plants or plant diseases on your property
  • assist you in planning your own pest control.

In some cases we may also be able to provide pest control materials, or facilitate training events and workshops, particularly for community groups.

Our goal is to identify and control pest plants and animals that pose a direct threat to our natural environment, as well as to our region's economy and health.

We also:

To ask our biosecurity team for assistance, contact us on or call the call centre on 09 301 0101.


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