Coastal and marine

Auckland's coastline

Auckland’s 3100 kilometre coastline is home to a spectacular variety of wildlife and scenery. It is a significant recreational, aesthetic, ecological and commercial resource.

We have a complex coast that has a diversity of estuaries, islands, reefs, rocky shorelines, sandspits and dunes. It is also home to three major harbours:

  • Kaipara Harbour (the second largest in the southern hemisphere)
  • Manukau Harbour
  • Waitematā Harbour.

Image of coastal management of beach erosion.The coastline faces both the South Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea. It also encompasses the nationally significant Hauraki Gulf Marine Park, and New Zealand’s first marine reserve (Goat Island).
Wind and tide conditions vary around Auckland’s coast. The effect they have on the land depends on the geology and orientation of the coast as well as physical processes such as wind, rain, waves and currents. All coastal areas, such as beaches, dunes, cliffs and estuaries, can also be subject to erosion or other natural coastal hazards.
Residential houses, parks and businesses all like to be located on and interact with the coast. Significant infrastructure is also located on or near the coast.
We manage the use, development and protection of the coastal marine area, ensuring that our coastal values are protected for future generations to enjoy.

Our coastal activities

  • Project managing capital and renewal projects, including the replacement  of seawalls and beach sand replenishment programmes.
  • Providing advice to landowners and members of the public on coastal processes.
  • Formulating coastal compartment management plans.
  • Managing coastal hazards and civil defence.

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