Coastal and marine

State of the Hauraki Gulf


Guidance series

Governing the Gulf: Giving effect to the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Act through Policies and Plans (PDF 3.8MB)

Fishing the Gulf: Implementing the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Act through Fisheries Management (PDF 4.0MB)

Co-operation, capacity, charisma: Enhancing the Hauraki Gulf through non-regulatory programmes (PDF 1.9MB)

Spatial Planning for the Gulf: An international review of marine spatial planning intitiatives and application to the Hauraki Gulf (PDF 2.4MB)

State of our Gulf 2014

State of our Gulf 2014 - Popular summary (PDF 543KB)
State of our Gulf 2014 - Full report (PDF 8.0MB)

Media release: Gulf at Crossroads

State of our Gulf 2011

Executive Summary (PDF 808KB)
Executive Summary - Te Reo (PDF 835KB)
State of our Gulf 2011 Tipaka Moana - Hauraki Gulf State of the Environment Report (PDF 8.1MB)

Economic Stocktake

Towards an Economic Valuation of the Hauraki Gulf: A Stock-take of Activities and Opportunities (PDF 2.5MB)

Annual reports

HGF Annual Report 2016 (PDF 2.2MB)
HGF Annual Report 2015 (PDF 1.6MB)
HGF Annual Report 2014 (PDF 2.6MB)
HGF Annual Report 2013 (PDF 3.5MB)
HGF Annual Report 2012 (PDF 3.4MB)
HGF Annual Report 2011 (PDF 2.8MB)

Seabirds of the Hauraki Gulf

Seabirds of the Hauraki Gulf: Natural History, Research and Conservation (PDF 12.7MB)


HFG newsletter September 2016 (PDF 215KB)
HGF newsletter June 2016 (PDF 529KB)
HGF newsletter March 2016 (PDF 799KB)
HGF newsletter December 2015 (PDF 3.3MB)
HGF newsletter September 2015 (PDF 379KB)
HGF newsletter June 2015 (PDF 1.4MB)
HGF newsletter March 2015 (PDF 1.1MB)
HGF newsletter December 2014 (PDF 1.6MB)
HGF newsletter September 2014 (PDF 2.1MB)
HGF newsletter June 2014 (PDF 2.1MB)
HGF newsletter March 2014 (PDF 3.3MB)
HGF newsletter December 2013 (PDF 1.8MB)
HGF newsletter September 2013 (PDF 2.1MB)
HGF newsletter June 2013 (PDF 864KB)
HGF newsletter March 2013 (PDF 1.6MB)

Hauraki Gulf poster series

Order the educational Hauraki Gulf posters by emailing your details to Gulf Posters.

2017 Explore the Gulf series

Across the Ocean (PDF 1.2MB)
Among the Islands (PDF 1.2MB)
Around the Coast (PDF 1.2MB)

2016 Icons of the Gulf series

Whales and Dolphins (PDF 3.1MB)
The Islands (PDF 867KB)
Goat Island (PDF 879KB)

2015 Past, Present, Future series

The Gulf Transformed (PDF 892KB)
The Gulf at Crossroads (PDF 1.7MB)
The Gulf Recovers (PDF 1.9MB)

2014 Wonders of the Gulf series

Tidal rhythms (PDF 591KB)
Feeding frenzies (PDF 503KB)
Seabirds return (PDF 553KB)

2013 Treasures of the Gulf series

Bryde's whale (PDF 424KB)
Mussel reefs (PDF 602KB)
Black petrel (PDF 529KB)

2012 Our changing Gulf series

The Reefs (PDF 719KB)
The Estuaries (PDF 715KB)
The Islands (PDF 785KB)

2011 Wildlife of the Hauraki Gulf series

Underwater life (PDF 1.2MB)
Seabirds (PDF 1.8MB)
Shorebirds (PDF 2.6MB)

Sea Change project

In September 2013, an inter-agency project was launched to develop a marine spatial plan for the Hauraki Gulf.
For more information, visit the Sea Change website.

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