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Zero Waste Zone

Children at the Zero Waste Zone

The Zero Waste Zone is a fun, hands-on learning centre for how we rethink waste as a resource and how we work together towards zero waste to landfill by 2040. Located at the Waitakere Refuse Transfer Station, Henderson. 

Zero waste programme

Learn about waste, where it goes and the importance of the 5 R’s to reduce the growing volume of rubbish across the region:

  • rotChildren learn how to re-use and recycle
  • refuse
  • reduce
  • re-use
  • recycle

See how nature makes no waste, get close up to worms and learn the basics of worm farming, composting and Bokashi.

Tour the Transfer Station to see the volume and types of waste, plus the initiatives to recover resources and reduce Auckland’s to zero waste by 2040!

We recommend this programme for your first visit.

Transfer station tours

Take a walking tour of part of the facility wearing hard hats, hi-vis vests and sturdy shoes.

Under 13s

On this tour, see the:

  • green waste disposal area
  • wood pile
  • hazardous waste cage.

You can also add a guided bus tour around the areas not seen on the walking tour, including the tipping floor and recycling area.

Over 13s

On this tour, see the:

  • green waste disposal area and wood pile
  • resource recovery centre and shop
  • steel recycling area
  • main tipping floor.

See staff sorting out recyclable items from the general refuse, and the unloading and loading of refuse and recycling trucks.

Visit the hazardous waste collection area and learn about the products that are harmful to the environment, and how they are sorted and disposed of.


Child sawing a piece of woodMake Space programme

Re-think waste as a resource (and not rubbish) by upcycling and repurposing objects that someone else threw away into something new and useful.

Use real tools in the Make Space workshop to turn rubbish into sculptures, instruments, games and more.

You’ll experience how resource recovery is a practical and fun way to divert waste from landfill!

We recommend this programme once you have done the Zero Waste Programme.


Book your visit

Bookings are essential.

The Zero Waste Zone is at the Waitakere Refuse Transfer Station, 50 The Concourse, Henderson.

Email Wastewise Schools to make a booking.

Opening hours

Visits can be booked for Monday to Friday, between 9.30am and 12.30pm

(group bookings only)

No cost for schools in Auckland.

Community group bookings subject to availability.


Wear sturdy closed shoes and warm comfortable outdoor clothes.

Bring a rain jacket!

Safety hats and hi-vis vests provided.

Children on a walking tour of the transfer station

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