Natural hazards and emergencies

Know the hazards in your local board area 

Tamaki Yacht Club - storm conditions

Living with risk is part of life. By understanding our hazards we can be more resilient when an emergency occurs. Due to its location, Auckland is at risk from a number of natural and man-made hazards.

Your home might be located in a tsunami zone, or susceptible to flooding or landslides. Smaller emergencies such as losing power for an extended period may also require you to call on your preparations.

Preparing for small incidents will make you better able to cope in a major emergency. We can’t predict emergencies, but we can reduce their impact and prepare ourselves to recover more quickly.

With this is mind, local board hazard reports are currently being produced to help prepare local residents for future emergencies in their area.


Hazard summary reports (PDF 316KB)

Hazard report (PDF 7.5MB)

Executive summary (PDF 274KB)



Hazard summary reports (PDF 272KB)

Hazard report (PDF 5.7MB)

Executive summary (PDF 1.1MB)


Great Barrier

Hazard summary reports (PDF 222KB)

Hazard report (PDF 2MB)

Executive summary (PDF 431KB)  


Hibiscus and Bays

Hazard summary reports (PDF 253KB)

Hazard report (PDF 5.4MB)

Executive summary (PDF 413KB)



Hazard summary reports (PDF 417KB)

Hazard report (PDF 7.3MB)

Executive summary (PDF 497KB)



Hazard summary reports (PDF 258KB)

Hazard report (PDF 5.6MB)

Executive summary (PDF 355KB)    



Hazard summary reports (PDF 253KB)

Hazard report (PDF 5.4MB)

Executive summary (PDF 346KB)

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