Pests and diseases

Pest animals.

Pest animals

Getting rid of pest animals like rats, mosquitoes and wasps in the Auckland region is a job we share.

Pest control programmes

Council has a range of initiatives targeting the plant and animal pests that threaten Auckland's environment.

Planning your own pest control

Planning your pest control: Our advice to help make your animal pest control successful.

Our biosecurity role

How we can work with you and other organisations to protect our native environment from biosecurity threats.

Pest plants.

Pest plants

Auckland is one of the weediest cities in the world, with a climate that weeds love.

Kauri dieback

Kauri Dieback disease

Kauri dieback is a deadly disease, killing kauri trees throughout the Auckland region. Find out what areas are affected and how to help minimise the spread of this disease.

Dutch elm disease.

Dutch elm disease

We need your help to prevent further outbreaks of Dutch elm disease in the Auckland region. Find out about how the disease spreads and what to look for.

Project Hunua.

Project Hunua: 1080 pest management

In late winter (July/August) 2015 we will be carrying out an animal pest control in the Hunua Ranges regional parkland, applying 1080.

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