Rubbish and recycling

Inorganic collections

We offer a residential service for collecting inorganic, approved materials. Collections are done by our contractors.

Inorganic material you put out for collection is taken straight to landfill. If your items can be recycled or re-used, please do not put them out with your inorganic collection. 

Find out how you can reduce your waste by recycling and re-using items.

Next collections

During your collection period, you can check the specific collection days for your street using our inorganic collection search.

We'll also remind you about the collection with a leaflet in your letterbox a few days before it starts. You should not put anything out until the date and time specified on the leaflet.

Area Collection date


February to June 2015. For collection dates, see inorganic collection search


March 2015. Book now, see Waitakere Inorganic rubbish collection

All other areas

No further collections scheduled before October 2015 


What you can put out

You can put out old furniture, carpet and bikes if they can be lifted by two people.

Appliances such as TV’s, DVD’s, computers, e-waste or home appliances are accepted in the inorganic rubbish, however we do encourage residents to dispose of these materials in alternative ways – for assistance see Ways to reduce your waste

Inorganic rubbish should be placed neatly on the kerb, keeping piles clear of footpaths, driveways, fire hydrants, trees, and power and telephone poles.

Each household can place out the equivalent of one small trailer load of rubbish for collection.

Remember, all items collected, apart from steel, are sent to landfill, so please try to recycle or re-use items.

What you can't put out

We will not collect:

  • household rubbish - this should be put out in your regular collection
  • recyclables - these should be put out in your regular collection
  • building, trade or demolition waste (rubble, concrete, bricks, wood and glass)
  • green waste (grass clippings, and tree and hedge trimmings)
  • tyres
  • car parts
  • plaster board
  • liquids - especially paint
  • CNG or LPG containers
  • oil or petrol containers
  • any items containing asbestos
  • non-complying and hazardous waste - take your hazardous waste to a waste transfer station.

The future of your inorganic collection

From October 2015, Auckland Council plans to introduce a bookable (during specified times in your area), on-property, inorganic service, funded by a targeted rate.

The proposed changes to the inorganic service are subject to approval of the draft Long-term Plan (LTP) by council’s Governing Body in late June 2015.

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