Pond with trees on the bank

Understanding stormwater

Stormwater flows through pipes, drains and waterways. Stormwater management helps prevent flooding and polluting our waterways.

Report a stormwater problem

Flooding and blockages

Protect yourself and your property from flooding and blockages with these prevention practices.

Stream surrounded with vegetation

Keeping waterways healthy

Auckland Council is working to ensure that our waterways remain healthy, clean and safe.

Stormwater projects

Auckland Council works on projects throughout the region to promote healthy waterways.

Drain with sign 'Dump no waste flow to sea'

Stormwater network responsibilities

The council maintains public streams and assets. Landowners are responsible for streams and assets on their property.

Puzzle pieces on water

Stormwater reference library

Find best management practices, guides and other stormwater reference material.

Three men in hi-viz vests in a stormwater tunnel

Stormwater professional resources

Stormwater industry resources, information and policy guidelines for developers and designers.

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