Public Safety and Nuisance Bylaws

These bylaws aim to address issues relating to public safety and nuisance, and inappropriate behaviour in public places. Minimising nuisances, obstructions or unsafe activities means you can freely enjoy our public places and transport.

Both bylaws came into effect on 26 May 2014 and replaced either in full or partially, eleven legacy bylaws.

Auckland Council Public Safety and Nuisance Bylaw 2013 (PDF 229KB)
Auckland Transport Public Safety and Nuisance Bylaw 2013 (PDF 315KB)

To ensure a consistent approach, all public places include:

  • road reserves
  • footpaths
  • parks and beaches
  • public transport vehicles and facilities.

The bylaws intend to:

  • manage the effects of, or behaviours associated with, certain activities that can either create a nuisance, are intimidating, threatening or impact on public perceptions of safety;
  • manage the use of public places by regulating against damage or misuse of structures, property and assets owned, managed or under the control of Auckland Council and Auckland Transport;
  • ensure that safe and accessible public places are provided for the use of everyone in the community by minimising uncontrolled use and occupation of footpaths, access ways and other public spaces;
  • control certain activities and behaviours in parks and beaches relating to safety and nuisance and to manage and protect from damage to or misuse of land, assets or structures on parks, reserves and beaches (Auckland Council bylaw only);
  • control certain activities and behaviours relating to safety and nuisance on public transport infrastructure and roads (Auckland Transport bylaw only);
  • ensure that street names and building numbers are provided and maintained to ensure that the public, delivery and emergency services have easy access to premises.

Copies of the bylaw are available on request through public libraries and service centres.

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