Registering a food premises

Any premises used for the manufacture, preparation, storage and sale of food  must be registered with Auckland Council. This includes restaurants, cafes, bakeries, dairies, butcher and fish shops, groceries and caterers.

All food for sale in your premises must be made on a registered premises. Food for sale cannot be produced in your home kitchen.

In this section, you can find out about:

Opening a food premises

In planning your food premises, you need to consider:

If you have questions about parking or other requirements for the area, including lighting, noise and air extraction units which may affect neighbouring premises, contact us and ask to speak to a planner.  

If you intend to operate as a wholesale outlet or food manufacturer you will also need to contact the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). They will advise you about labelling, ingredients and preservative requirements.

How to register

The food premises licensing period is for 12 months.

All food premises are subject to regular inspections and must meet the food hygiene standards contained in the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974.

From 1 July 2013 (1 November 2013 in the former Rodney, Papakura and Franklin District Council areas), in order to obtain registration, at least one person working in your premises must hold a certificate in basic food hygiene.

There are three options for registering a food premises:

Registration under the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974

Your premises must comply with the First Schedule requirements of the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974

You need to complete an application form for registration prior to opening. You can download and complete the Application for Registration or Licence for Premises form (PDF 273KB) or contact us for one. 

Submit your application at least 25 days prior to your planned opening date with the new premises application fee. Cheques can be made payable to Auckland Council.

An Environmental Health Officer will:

  • assess your application
  • conduct an inspection of the premises
  • decide whether the application will be approved or declined.

On approval of the application, you will be invoiced for the annual fee. Once you pay, we will issue your licence, together with a Grade Pending certification.

Within two months of opening, an Environmental Health Officer will confirm your final premises grading .

If we need you to carry out further works, or need more information such as confirmation that food handlers have been trained, we will put your application on hold and inform you why.

If your premises do not comply with the regulations, we may decline the application and tell you in writing why.

Contact us for more information on the structural requirements.

Registration of an 'off the peg' food control programme

Cafes, restaurants, takeaways, off-site caterers and others in the food service sector can choose to adopt an 'off the peg' food control plan developed by the Ministry for Primary Industries.

The plan is a set of policies and procedures that help food businesses ensure that the food they produce is safe.

For more information, see the Ministry for Primary Industries website or contact us.

Registration of a custom made food safety programme

Some premises can choose to develop and register a food safety programme, which is based on the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system.

The programme requires third party approval before it can be registered with the Ministry for Primary Industries.

For more information, see the Ministry for Primary Industries website. 

Home based businesses

It is illegal to prepare food intended for sale in an existing domestic kitchen.

If you intend to operate a home-based food business, or manufacture food for sale from your home, you must construct a separate kitchen.

The fit out of the kitchen must comply with:

  • the First Schedule of the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974
  • the District Plan rules for home enterprises.

Your business must also be registered with and inspected by the council.

Contact us for more information.

Taking over a premises

If you take over an existing food premises, you need to notify us and complete a registration form.

If there is an existing registration that is current then you can apply to transfer this registration into your name. We must receive your application within 14 days of taking over the business. After this period, the registration lapses and cannot be transferred.

You can download and complete the Application for Registration or Licence for Premises form (PDF 273KB) or contact us for one.

Renewing your registration

We will send you a renewal application form before your food premises registration expires.

When you receive it, you must promptly check the details, complete the form and return it to Auckland Council.

Your renewal letter will advise on how you can pay for your registration renewal. 

Please send the completed form and payment to Auckland Council or visit any Auckland Council service centre.

Include copies of all Food Hygiene Certificates with your application. The number of certificates held by a food premises may affect the grade and registration fee for the following year.

Contact us if you require a replacement form.


Fees and refunds

Food registration fees are listed here.

We do not refund surrendered registrations, for example if a business closes down.

Contact us for more information.