Food premises gradings

What the grades mean

Businesses providing food to the public must display a food grade certificate. The grade on the certificate informs customers of the quality and hygiene standards that the food outlet has obtained.

The Food Safety Bylaw requires the certificate to be displayed at the main entrance. Contact us to report a food premise failing to display the certificate.

Due to the staged implementation of the Food Act 2014, we have two grading styles:

  • older - blue letter grade
  • new - eatsafe grading.

Older style grading

The grading assessments are based on:

  • Food Hygiene Regulations 1974
  • Auckland Council Food Safety Bylaw, and
  • best food hygiene practice.

For each assessment an Environmental Health Officer will inspect:

  • standard of the premises
  • conduct and maintenance of the premises
  • process control
  • cleaning and sanitising
  • staff training.

New - eatsafe Auckland grading

Our food grading initiative eatsafe Auckland meets national standards under Food Act 2014. It assesses a food outlet's Food Control Plan through our 4 C’s (Cook, Clean, Chill and Conduct).

This ensures the food is both safe and suitable for customers. For more information, see eatsafe Auckland

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To find out the grading for a premises, enter the business name and street (but not number). Alternatively, you can search for premises in a particular suburb or for a particular food grade. In using this, read our disclaimer.

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