Rules for signs

The Signage Bylaw 2015 is now in place to manage all signage across the region. Rules are based on the zone your business is located in, as defined in the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan Decisions Version.

To find out what zone your business is in, search your property on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan, or contact us.

Once you’ve found out which zone you’re in, view the factsheets below to find out about the size, type and number of signs you can have.

Other than in the former Auckland City area, the operative district plans contain rules controlling signage.

The fact sheets show the most common signs you can use to advertise your business. If the sign you want to put up is not shown, contact us to discuss your requirements.

If you want to put up a sign that does not comply with the Signage Bylaw, you will need to apply for a signage exemption. Contact us first to make sure this is the right option for you.

City centre zone (PDF 174KB)

General business and business park zones (PDF 680KB)

Light industry and heavy industry zones (PDF 678KB)

Metropolitan centre zone (PDF 173KB)

Neighbourhood centre and local centre zones (PDF 172KB)

Residential zone (PDF 110KB)

Rural zone (PDF 57KB)

Town centre and mixed use zones (PDF 174KB)

Impact of local district plans on signs

Operative district plan rules for signs still apply in some areas and will do so until the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan Decisions Version becomes operative.

However, the Resource Consents department does not require the plan rules to be complied with. Reference should only be made to the provisions in the Signage Bylaw 2015 and the ‘comprehensive development signage’ provisions in the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan Decisions Version. For more information contact us and speak to a planner.

Signage in the former Auckland City area is not covered by the district plan rules.

If you’re not sure what former council area you’re in, use our former council locator tool on the right-hand side of this page.

Resource consents for signs

The Signage Bylaw 2015 does not apply to signage in specific circumstances.

You will need to refer to legacy district plan rules, the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan Decisions Version and the Billboards Bylaw 2007 (former Auckland City area only) if your sign is: 

  • a billboard
  • on or near a scheduled historic place
  • considered to be ‘comprehensive development signage’ and requires a resource consent as a restricted discretionary activity under the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan Decisions Version.
  • located on buildings and places on sites of special value as listed in the Auckland Council District Plan - Hauraki Gulf Islands Section 2013.

These types of signs may require a resource consent.

Contact us and speak to a planner to find out.

Does my sign need approval?

Some signage also requires approval from us before you put it up. You need an approval to display:

  • publicly visible sign on the roof of any building
  • portable sign for a business not on the ground floor and no direct ground floor access to the road or public place
  • signs on street furniture (e.g. poles, rubbish bins, telephone boxes, bus shelters).

Contact us to discuss getting approval.

Real estate signs

The Signage Bylaw 2015 outlines new rules for real estate signs in all of Auckland.

View our real estate signs factsheet (PDF 76KB) for more information.

Community event signs

We recommend using community notice boards to advertise events such as galas, fairs and other events held by not-for-profit groups. For more information, see Community notice boards.

To find out other ways of advertising your event, read our community event signs factsheet (PDF 52KB).



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