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Signs are an integral part of our environment and provide information, directions, locations and advertise businesses or activities.

We need some level of control to make sure that signs do not create clutter, dominate the environment or are a danger to public safety.

Signs are managed across Auckland under bylaws and district plan rules, with particular rules applying for certain types of signs.

We will continue to apply the existing policies and rules as they were adopted for each area by the previous councils until the new Auckland-wide bylaw for signs comes into effect on 1 October 2015.

To find information for your local area, please use the links below.

Auckland Central

General information about signs

Signs are an integral part of our environment and provide information, directions, locations and advertising of businesses or activities. The controls around erecting and displaying of signs in the Auckland Central area is outlined in Bylaw No. 27 – Signs 2007.

Bylaw No. 27 contains general requirements that all signs must comply with, as well as rules that relate to specific zones, areas, or business types.
Important clauses for all signs include section 27.2 which lays out the general requirements and section 27.2.33 which covers building consents.

The following are some of the various signs that are covered by Bylaw 27:

Signs cannot be placed on or extend over a public place. Signs cannot be attached to poles, street furniture or other public utilities.

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Consult the signs bylaw.

This bylaw regulates and places restrictions on the placement, construction and maintenance of signs in the Franklin District, particularly (but not only) on public property.

Signs on private property are largely controlled by the district plan. Compliance with this bylaw does not remove the need to comply with any other relevant legislation, district plan provisions, regional plans and regional policy statements.


Consult the signs bylaw.

You may need a building consent and a resource consent depending on the scope of your project.  Their size and placement is controlled under the district plan.

  • You may erect a single sign not exceeding 1.8m in height and 0.6m2 in area to identify a permitted activity.
  • You may erect a single or composite sign not exceeding 2.4m in height and 1.2m2 in area to identify other activities, for which you have a resource consent.
  • Your sign may also require a building consent, depending on its size and design.
  • Utility operators’ approval may be required before installation.

North Shore



Consult the Temporary Signs bylaw; this covers rules regarding temporary signs such as for advertising community, cultural or sporting events. 

If you wish to erect a sign for a community event in the council designated signage areas, please contact us.

Any temporary signs not complying with any provision in that bylaw require a dispensation. Please contact us for more information. We may charge a fee.

The district plan covers the rules around permanent signs such as for business premises.

Consult the District Plan - chapter 16 - General Rules. If signs breach the district plan rules, a resource consent will need to be applied for.

To claim back a sign that has been impounded by the council, please contact us. There is a $97.10 charge.


Consult the district plan for rules on signs.

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