Erect a billboard

To put up a billboard, you need to follow the steps listed below.

1. Check the district plan

Refer to the district plan that covers your property. If you are in the former Auckland City area, refer to the rules in central Auckland.

In most situations you will need a resource consent first. For more information about applying for a resource consent, view our applications and assessments page.

2. Contact us to discuss your proposal

You’ll need to contact us on 09 301 0101 to speak to a planner for advice about:

  • zoning – to find out the zone of your proposed site, refer to the district plan.
  • size, height and location
  • construction
  • visual impact and standards of lighting
  • safety.

If you want to put up a billboard in central Auckland, there are additional rules you’ll need to follow.

3. Apply for building consent

Most billboards require building consent. Contact us on 09 301 0101 for advice on whether or not you need a building consent.

4. Register your billboard

If your billboard is in central Auckland, you need to register it with us. See, billboard registration and fees.

Billboard registration

All billboards in central Auckland need to be registered under Bylaw 27B.

You need to register your billboard in writing and give us the following:

  • Applicant’s details: name of the billboard operator and name of the owner of the property the billboard will be on. Specify if the property owner is operating the billboard.
  • Site description: address where billboard is located, and the legal description (certificate of title and lot number of property).
  • Billboard details:
    • date of construction
    • dimensions in metres (width by height)
    • area of the billboard in square metres
    • reference number used by the billboard operator.
  • Other consents granted:
    • exemption reference number
    • resource consent number
    • expiry date of exemption or resource consent
    • building consent number
    • code compliance certificate number (or PS4 from Chartered Professional Engineer)
    • consent conditions.
  • Attach the following:
    • colour photo of the billboard A4 size in high resolution
    • copy of building code compliance certificate (CCC) or PS4 Statement from a Chartered Professional Engineer confirming the billboard was constructed in accordance with design plans
    • approved plans showing the location and elevations of the billboard(s).
  • Signature: the billboard owner needs to print their name on the letter and include their signature.

Billboard complaints and issues

Contact us if you have concerns about a billboard:

  • being a danger to person or property
  • posing traffic safety issues
  • obstructing a road or footpath
  • having structural issues
  • having lighting issues.

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