Alcohol policies

Provisional local alcohol policy areas

The Provisional Local Alcohol Policy has regional policies for Auckland, but also creates two areas with special policies, as follows:

There are also some special provisions based on Unitary Plan zoning for Neighbourhood Centres, Metropolitan Centres - Part 1 (PDF18MB) and Part 2 (PDF 14MB) and the City Centre Fringe (PDF 697KB).

Regional overview of policy areas

Regional overview of policy areas (PDF 1.2MB)

Note that all maps can be found at Appendices 1 to 4 of the Provisional Auckland Council Local Alcohol Policy (PDF 1.2MB).

City Centre

The City Centre covers the area between State Highways 1 and 16, in alignment with the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan.

City Centre image

Larger map of City Centre (PDF 2.3MB)

Priority Overlay

The provisional LAP also identifies a Priority Overlay which encompasses 23 suburbs across the region.

Priority Overlay areas Part 1 (Avondale to Mt Wellington (PDF 3.8MB)  
Priority Overlay areas Part 2 (Oranga to Wiri) (PDF 3.2MB)

These areas have priority status as they are places with high levels of alcohol-related crime, high numbers of populations that experience disproportionate harm from alcohol, and/or high numbers of existing alcohol licences.  

The provisional LAP has additional rules for these areas to manage the number and density of alcohol outlets and to reduce alcohol-related harm in the local communities.

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