Noise control


How to prevent a noise complaint

You can't get a noise permit for parties or playing your stereo on full volume.

There are some things you can do to reduce noise and show consideration for your neighbours:

  • Ensure your burglar alarm stops ringing after 15 minutes - check your reserve batteries are fully charged. 
  • Install and maintain your car and burglar alarm correctly so they are not overly sensitive or faulty.
  • Let your neighbours know in advance about an upcoming party or invite them to the party.
  • Tell your neighbours of planned work on your section that may be noisy.
  • Minimise noise from your property by keeping doors or windows closed.
  • Turn down noise at a reasonable hour at night.
  • Use noisy equipment such as chain saws only during the day.

To find out the noise levels permitted in your area, call 09 301 0101 during working hours and ask to speak to a noise specialist.

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