Outdoor fires

Current fire seasons

In accordance to the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017, the current fire seasons are now in force:

Auckland Rural mainland is in an Open Fire Season.

The following islands are in a Restricted Fire Season and require a fire permit before any fire may be lit:

  • Great Barrier
  • Waiheke [exclude urban areas]
  • Kawau
  • Rakino
  • Ponui

All the islands are in a Prohibited Fire Season (Total Fire Ban) at all times.


Open Fire Season

If your mainland fire complies with the following rules, you will not need a fire permit:

  • Fire must be used in a safe and considerate manner
  • Be lit and be of a size that burns out during daylight hours
  • No fire to be lit during the hours of darkness
  • Have no green vegetation included
  • Have no rubber, or plastic items, or toxic materials included
  • Have no treated timber or building waste included

If your fire is outside these conditions; such as burning standing vegetation over half a hectare, clearing of forestry waste, or multiple large fires, a burn plan is required to be submitted for approval by the Rural Fire Team at no cost.

Please email Fire and Emergency New Zealand for more information.


Restricted Fire Season

In a Restricted Fire Season, you must have a fire permit to light a fire in the open air, including:

  • open cooking/ heating fires
  • braziers that do not contain all embers and sparks
  • hāngī or umu fires
  • open top incinerators
  • controlled or prescribed burns
  • bonfires.


Prohibited Fire Season

In a Prohibited Fire Season (Total Fire Ban), all fires in the open air are prohibited unless the Principal Rural Fire Officer has given their approval.

Gas fuelled outdoor fires are allowed.

Auckland Rural Fire District Map (PDF 4 MB)

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