Street trading and performance

Mobile trading and commercial services

If you have a mobile shop or commercial services business and want to trade in a public space, you will need a mobile trading licence.

Food trucks, flower vendors and bike hire services are just some types of trades which can benefit from trading in a public space.

Applying for a mobile trading licence

Apply and pay online

You will need to login to complete an online application form.

You can pay by MasterCard, Visa or Account2Account (bank transfer).

Apply and pay in person

Download and fill in an application form:

Application form for a mobile trading licence (PDF 74KB).

You can also pick up or drop off your application at any of our service centres and pay by cash, cheque, eftpos, MasterCard or Visa.

If posting your application, include a cheque. Post to:

Licensing and Compliance Services
Private Bag 92300
Auckland 1142

For help with the aerial map, see an example of an aerial map (PDF 338KB).

We can issue mobile trading licences for 1-12 months. You will need to tell us how long you want to trade so we can secure your preferred location.

If you are selling food you should apply for food registration before or at the same time as your street trading licence. For more information, see Food registration.

Licence fees

Mobile trading fees are a combination of a licence fee and a rental fee. See Licence fees for trading in public places or Licence fee calculator to estimate your fee. 

The licence fee is required with your application and is non-refundable. If your application is approved, there will be a rental fee payable before you start trading.

The fees published on this website are an estimate only, and can only be confirmed by a bylaws officer.

Request a pre-application meeting

You may request one free pre-application meeting with an inspector. This may be a phone call, a site visit, or an office meeting at a council building.

We recommend this service for mobile trading applications.

Contact us to request a meeting.

Public liability insurance

We recommend that all mobile traders have current Public liability insurance. If your trading is considered to be high-risk by an inspector they may request proof of this before issuing the licence.

Where can I trade from?

We issue mobile trading licences for fixed locations. You can have up to three locations on one licence.

If you plan to trade in more than one location at the same time, you will need to apply for a separate licence for each location.

The only type of licence we can grant for roaming is selling ice cream, e.g. Mr Whippy.

If you plan to trade in a park, beach or reserve, you will need approval from Auckland Council Parks before you apply.

If you plan to trade from or operate a vessel on a waterway, you will need permission from Harbourmaster.

Guidelines for a mobile trading location

Only an authorised officer can approve a mobile trading site as part of the application process.

When choosing a suitable trading location you must:

  • operate in a way that does not cause a hazard to pedestrians, cyclists, or other vehicles
  • not operate within 50 metres of an intersection or where your activity will limit visibility for other road users
  • not block access to private property
  • not park on the berm or footpath.

Renew your licence

You will need to apply to renew your licence before your current licence expires if you wish to keep your licence active.

If you are a seasonal trader you will need to renew your licence with a delayed start date. This ensures your location is not offered to other applicants.

Transfer of ownership

If you have bought a business with an existing mobile trading licence, you need to complete an application form and provide us with any new details. 

Contact us if you have any questions regarding the licence.

Christmas tree sale from private property

The Trading and Events in Public Places Bylaw (2015) prohibits selling or displaying goods on public land without a valid permit from council.

This year, during the month of December, residents would be allowed to sell Christmas trees from their property as long as they comply with the conditions of trade.

You would not be required to apply for a street trading permit.

Conditions of trade

  • Do not disrupt the amenity of surrounding residential areas in relation to nuisance, signage clutter, litter, noise, parking and other amenity considerations.
  • The display must not extend more than 600mm from the private property boundary.
  • Maximum two signs placed on either side of the road (maximum size 0.5sqm).
  • All displays must be removed from the footpath before sunset.
  • Keep footpath unobstructed and accessible for all users.

The specific conditions outlined above would allow council to regulate and manage street trading activities in residential areas without compromising public safety or creating public nuisance.

Maintain a clear, safe and unobstructed access at all times and be considerate to pedestrians.

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