Grants and funding

Community group funding

Auckland Council provides grant funding to support community oriented projects and activities that help council to make Auckland the world's most liveable city.

The most appropriate source of funding for your project will depend on the nature of your activities and their geographical location.

Funding by area

You can read about the individual funding schemes available in your area by clicking on the relevant area below.

Submitting your accountability report online

If you have received a grant from council since 1 July 2013 you will need to submit an accountability report online, attaching your receipts. This shows us how you have used your grant.

If the report is not submitted by the due date and time, your group will become ineligible for further Auckland Council funding.

You can access the accountability report form, and see when it is due, on the SmartyGrants website (My Submissions link at the top of the page).

If your account has become locked, please contact us and ask to speak to your local community funding advisor.

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