Get involved with our heritage

The Auckland Plan includes some specific targets for protecting our heritage, including:

  • increasing the number of scheduled historic places by 100 per cent (from 2100 to 4200) by 2030
  • assessing all of Auckland for historic heritage value by 2040.

We are working with communities and individuals to achieve this as joint protectors of our region's heritage.

If you want to get involved, you can:

Nominate a site to be included in the Heritage Schedule

Old Huia Schoolhouse.
Old Huia Schoolhouse.

The Draft Unitary Plan includes a schedule (or list) of places that we recognised as having significant heritage value to the people of Auckland (see Appendix 9).

Provisions in the plan protect these places to ensure we do not lose their significance.

Anyone (individual or organisation) can nominate a place or group of places by completing and submitting the Heritage Schedule Nomination Form.

Please refer to the Heritage Schedule Nomination Guidelines before submitting your nomination.

Get involved in a heritage survey

The Auckland Heritage Survey programme is our initiative to identify historic heritage places that seem eligible to be included in the Unitary Plan Heritage Schedule.

The survey is currently taking place in areas we have prioritised for growth and intensification. Surveys have been completed in Māngere, Ōtāhuhu, Onehunga, Balmoral and Point Chev. Surveys are currently taking place in Pukekohe and Papatoetoe.

There are many ways for you to get involved:

  • If you live within (or next to) one of the survey areas, contact us or email the heritage team.
  • Get involved with your local historical society and provide feedback through our engagement with them.
  • Get in touch with your local board.
  • If you are Mana Whenua, you can get involved through your iwi or hapu. They will be contacted when a heritage survey is taking place on their ancestral lands.


Apply for heritage funding

To find a list of funds available for supporting heritage projects:

We have also established a Built Heritage Acquisition Fund to save at-risk buildings and other built features that may be destroyed because of neglect. The fund currently stands at more that $13 million and accumulates an extra $2.9 million each year.

Under the fund, we:

  1. purchase the at-risk building
  2. restore it (or make sure that it is restored)
  3. on-sell it with legal protection in place after a short-term hold.

We are considering various buildings in inner city, suburban and maritime settings for this fund. We are likely to identify further candidates for the Built Heritage Acquisition Fund through consultation with local boards and community groups.

If you feel that a particular building is of heritage signfiicance and under threat of demolition due to neglect, please approach your local board.

To find out more about the guidelines on how the fund will be used, see the Built Heritage Acquisition Fund objectives and criteria (PDF 103KB).

Ask for help with a heritage project

Our heritage unit helps heritage property owners and heritage-focused community groups with practical support and advice.

This includes:

  • advising on conservation, maintenance and management of heritage assets
  • advising on resource consent applications
  • recommending relevant heritage specialists
  • assisting with our processes and funding applications.

If you want to restore or refurbish a heritage asset, contact us or email the heritage team to get the best possible outcome for your project.

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