Cemeteries and crematoria

Cemeteries and crematoria. We manage 52 active cemeteries in Auckland with grounds covering 290 hectares.

Our cemeteries are designed to strengthen and support a sense of community, reflect the history of local pioneers and cultures that founded and influenced our city, while also providing areas for conservation and biodiversity protection.

Our range of facilities includes burial and ash interment, beautifully appointed chapels, crematoria, function lounges and on-site administration offices. 


Major regional cemeteries

Manukau Memorial Gardens 'A place to remember'

Since 1932 Manukau Memorial Gardens has catered to the needs of Auckland’s diverse communities. The cemetery and crematoria are set amongst 42 hectares of beautiful park like grounds where family and friends can gather to farewell and reflect on the life of a loved one.

Find out more about Manukau Memorial Gardens.

North Shore Memorial Park

North Shore Memorial Park is set in landscaped grounds with rolling grassy slopes leading to picturesque Lucas Creek. The park is a tranquil retreat and the site of one of the largest cemeteries in the Auckland region.

Find out more about North Shore Memorial Park.

Waikumete Cemetery

Waikumete Cemetery is a place of beauty, tranquillity, quiet reverence and rich history, which has served greater Auckland and Waitakere since 1886. It is the largest cemetery in New Zealand, while its 125 hectares also make it one of the largest public parks in the Auckland region.

Find out more about Waikumete Cemetery.


Cemetery locations

For information on local cemeteries, services available and opening times in your local area, please view cemetery locations.


Cemetery fees

See Cemetery fees and charges.

Cemetery forms

Application forms

Application for burial, ash, interment, and scattering of ashes (PDF 160KB)
Application for cremation (PDF 161KB)
Application for monumental permit (PDF 158KB)
Chapel requirements (PDF 168KB)


Permission and authority forms

Authority to open a plot (PDF 146KB)
Authority to act on behalf (PDF 148KB)
Certificate of medical practictioner to cremate (PDF 158KB)
Permission to cremate (PDF 159KB)


Registration and declaration forms

Burial Rights Holder Agreement (PDF 158KB)
Burial Rights Holder - Statutory Declaration (PDF 148KB) 
Register of cremation (PDF 148KB)


Cemetery records

Search databases and view burial records and cemetery records to locate family and loved ones.


Scattering and settlement of ashes

Scattering or burying ashes is often an act of remembrance – you might choose a place that meant something special to the person or their family, or you may be carrying out their wishes.

When it comes to deciding what to do with the ashes of a loved one, there are a few things to think about, including:

  • Location. Public places change regularly – gardens are removed and re-planted; trees reach the end of their natural life and are taken away; construction, requiring earthworks, can occur; and public access can change. Private property can also change ownership.
  • Scattering options - If you prefer a long-lasting option, a scattering garden or memorial site may be the best choice for you.


Where you can scatter ashes

Scattering of ashes is a very personal and sensitive matter. Different cultures have different ways of dealing with cremation and ashes, and it is important that we consider  this when deciding where to scatter ashes.

The following guidance on scattering ashes in Auckland applies:

Private properties

Ashes can be scattered on private property, however  you must always ask the property owner’s permission first.

Waterways and oceans

Dispersal of ashes in waterways is culturally inappropriate for Māori, whereas this is a special part of the cultural beliefs of others.

You must first speak to tangata whenua (the people of the land) to use a site that traditionally has been approved for scattering ashes in flowing water, or to seek approval for scattering in any other ocean or waterway,

Contact us for a list of people that can provide guidance on seeking approval or discuss with your funeral service provider, who will also be familiar with these groups.

Sacred sites

Places like maunga (volcanic cones) and food cultivation and gathering areas are considered wāhi tapu (sacred) to Māori and therefore it is culturally unacceptable to scatter ashes here.

Public parks and gardens

Auckland’s regional parks, the Auckland Botanic Gardens in Manurewa and Parnell Rose Gardens have prohibited the scattering of ashes in their parks and gardens.

Ash scattering is also discouraged in local parks and on sports fields, where visitors picnic, exercise and relax.

Ashes can affect grass on sports fields, the health of plants within public gardens, and thought must be given to the gardeners who care for the plants too.

Ash scattering gardens and memorial sites

Many places, like privately owned public gardens, hospices and cemeteries, have ash scattering areas or memorial options.

Eden Garden in Epsom offers memorials and places where ashes can be placed within the gardens.

Our cemeteries also offer ash scattering gardens and ash burial options which are located within tranquil settings and always there for you to visit.


Further information

See the Scattering and settlement of ashes brochure (PDF 180KB) or contact us for further information.

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