New Lynn flood recovery


New Lynn's open for business

Following the effects of flooding caused by successive and significant weather events during March and April 2017 we are working to improve the stormwater network around New Lynn town centre.

Long-term solution agreed

A plan to replace the Rewarewa Creek culvert under Great North Road has been agreed. Council will rehabilitate the existing culvert, as it’s still in good condition, and install a higher capacity culvert above the original one.

The agreement was reached with involvement from the local community through the New Lynn working group which met to discuss the ongoing repairs to the culvert and how the work would align with the Whau Local Board’s vision for the New Lynn town centre.

Now that we know where we’re going, the design, consenting and construction processes will follow. The project is expected to take 6 to 12 months to complete.

Community working together

A working party has been established, with the Whau Local Board, New Lynn Business Association and council staff all taking part, ensuring the New Lynn community has a voice as we work towards a long-term solution for Great North Road.

The council and business association working party meet for the first time last night and will regularly meet to discuss the ongoing work around the New Lynn town centre and on the design and build phases of a long-term solution for the existing culvert.

It is committed to keeping the New Lynn community informed and finding a solution that is acceptable to the community.

Town centre open for business

The council’s immediate recovery work is now complete. The original culvert is operational again and has been fitted with a larger inlet. A second pipe has been installed under Great North Road - above the existing culvert - to increase water capacity.

As work continues to complete the new culvert the council remains focussed on the town centre remaining open for business.

The council would like to thank the New Lynn community for their patience and support during what has been a difficult time.

For updates on the current work and future planning, sign up to the New Lynn flood recovery newsletter.

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