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New Lynn Transformation


Auckland Council is transforming New Lynn into a vibrant metropolitan centre.

The New Lynn Urban Plan maps out council’s vision for the centre, and acts as the masterplan providing clear steps towards achieving that vision.

The urban plan says New Lynn will, by 2030, be a unique, sustainable, urban place centred on a world-class transit interchange capable of attracting and maintaining a population of 20,000 residents and 14,000 workers.

The completion of New Lynn's world-class transport interchange in September 2010 - the country's largest-ever public transport infrastructure investment - was the first step in the area's long-awaited regeneration project.

Watch the Invest New Lynn video to find out more about the New Lynn Transformation Project.

New Lynn Urban Plan 2010-2030 Part 1 (PDF 22.9MB)
 New Lynn Urban Plan 2010-2030 Part 2 (PDF 11.4MB)

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The Transformation

The council’s transformation programme includes a range of projects and initiatives which will pave the way for the revitalisation of New Lynn as one of the most important town centres in Auckland for work, business, shopping, recreation and leisure.

The new developments build on a number of projects delivered in central New Lynn since September 2010, including a kilometre-long underground trench for the railway corridor, double tracking, the stunning and award-winning transport interchange, the Clark Street extension, Totara Ave’s shared space and the redeveloped Todd Triangle and Gardner Reserve.

The revitalisation will transform New Lynn into a sustainable urban centre with high density housing close to the town centre for people who have adopted the urban lifestyle – living in apartments, working close to home, owning businesses in the town centre, using public transport to commute and to walk and cycle.

The housing, the new business centre and the transport system will all be linked so every part of the big picture works with the other.

Merchant Quarter

Phase One of the new heart of New Lynn, the Merchant Quarter (behind Totara Ave and Great North Road), was officially opened by Mayor Len Brown on March 8, 2013.

Auckland Council, Auckland Transport and Infratil Infrastructure Property Ltd worked in partnership on the project which involved the development of land opposite the New Lynn transport interchange.

The Merchant Quarter features a public car park, a medical centre and an upgraded McCrae Way, which is now a shared space.  Great North Road and Delta Ave have also been upgraded giving New Lynn residents, visitors and workers a more pleasant and pedestrian-friendly ‘high street’ to enjoy.

The new medical centre is a purpose-built, one-stop health shop and features triangular precast concrete panels inspired by the west coast bush.  The colours of the panel edges were matched to Crown Lynn tea saucers.

The carpark has weathered steel cladding inspired by the iron oxide found on west coast beaches and is set to be the platform for a stylish new 10-storey apartment tower.  The tower will have more than 100 one and two-bedroom apartments providing residents with panoramic views of New Lynn and beyond.

The buildings were designed by architecture and design company Jasmax and were built by a team of 160 Hawkins construction workers over a year. The ground floor of both buildings features a variety of shops.

As well as an official opening of the Merchant Quarter, Auckland Council and Auckland Transport held an open day for the public to enjoy the new space with bouncy castles, balloons, face painting, sausage sizzles, entertainment, stalls and a bike giveaway.  More than 10,000 people joined the celebration.

Merchant Quarter opening.

Phase two of the Merchant Quarter - Merchant Square - should be completed by December 2014.

Merchant Square will be a new public space complementing the existing Memorial Square and offering exciting new public dining and entertainment options.

The historic building at No. 22 Totara will be restored and incorporated into a new mixed-use development.

McCorquindale Lane – named after a former Mayor of New Lynn – will connect McCrae Way to Totara Ave, completing a new, pedestrian-friendly roading network.

Phase three is still in the planning stages.  The developments already underway open up endless possibilities. Auckland Council and its partners are considering options for the site behind the New Lynn Library – cinemas, offices, and residential are all in the mix.

If you would like to tell us what you would like to see happen there please contact us.

Crown Lynn

Crown Lynn is a brownfield’s redevelopment precinct within Auckland Council’s New Lynn Transformation Project.

The area was originally a clay pits’ site and will be redeveloped to include a mainly residential, mixed-use neighbourhood built around a stunning new park.

The council has Long Term Plan funding of $5.7 million for the new centrepiece park, because the area is identified in the Auckland Plan as a metropolitan centre and priority growth area.

Existing and new residential development will make the single most important contribution to achieving the vision target of 20,000 people living within walking distance of the transit station. It also has the potential to accommodate up to 1800 new homes and 40,000 square metres of new employment floor area, providing facilities, jobs and high-quality urban environments for existing communities as well as future New Lynn residents.

The new park will comprise an attractive storm water pond, a mass structural planting of trees and shrubs, a countoured landscape, art trails and a café.

A new roading network will provide wide footpaths, parking, landscaping and a formal street typology to extend Memorial Drive mainstreet into the new precinct.

Higher density housing will offer a range of living choices, helping to achieve the Council's goal of creating the world's most liveable city.

Artists impressions of a new urban park for New Lynn, which council has confirmed budget for in its 10 year plan.

Artists impressions of a new urban park for New Lynn, which council has confirmed budget for in its 10 year plan.

Artist's impressions of a new urban park for New Lynn, which council has confirmed budget for in its 10 year plan.

Roading transformations

Auckland Council and Auckland Transport are putting the ‘great’ back into Great North Road and its surrounding roading networks.

Artists impression of Greath North Road.

Artist's impression of the new Great North Road.

These projects will provide a more attractive and pedestrian-friendly town centre or 'high street' environment for the wider West Auckland area. The main work includes:

  • new and wider footpaths on Great North Road and Deltra Triangle
  • creating vehicle access to Delta Ave from Great North Road for city-bound traffic
  • rain garden to help manage stormwater run-off
  • extensive landscaping including new trees, low-level planting, seating and efficient street lighting
  • road reconstruction and resealing.

Tiverton Road and Wolverton Street are also getting a major upgrade. Two lanes in each direction are being created to remove the bottleneck and strengthen connections between New Lynn, Rosebank Road, Lansford Crescent, and the SH20 extension at Mt Roskill.

Pedestrian safety will be improved with new pedestrian islands and pram crossings, and upgraded footpaths. Traffic lights will be installed at five major intersections.

These projects build on those already finished in New Lynn, including the:

  • award-winning transport interchange
  • Clark Street extension
  • upgrade of Gardner Reserve and the Tood Triangle
  • creation of a shared zone in Totara Ave

Visit the Auckland Transport website for more information.

Extra cover

High numbers of commuters using the railway station have led Auckland Transport to fund an additional shelter on the platform.

Four canopies are being built alongside the rail trench cover, and a glass enclosure will be built around the Hetana Street stairwell, providing protection from the weather between the rail platform and the upper level of the station.

Poppy wall relocated

The large poppy wall previously in Memorial Square has been moved to the front of the New Lynn RSA to allow for the dedevelopment of McCrae Way and to provide better access to Memorial Square and the entrance to the new medical centre.

The RSA is delighted to have the poppy wall as a new feature of its upgraded Totara Ave premises.

New Lynn Transformation - Poppy Wall.


The New Lynn Town Centre Parking Guide is available on the Auckland Transport website. The guide aims to help people identify where they can park, and where and when new parking will become available. Copies are also available from the New Lynn library, community centre, and some businesses.

Thirty-six new car parking spaces are now available in Totara Ave, accessible from the lane next to Hell Pizza.

Safer cycling

New Lynn's Clark Street boasts new cycle-safety measures, the first of their kind in the country. They include raised lane marking and flexible bollards which mark the edge of the cycle lane.

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