Pakuranga Town Centre development

About the project

Pakuranga is now moving towards the vision of a revitalised and thriving town centre. The Pakuranga Town Centre Masterplan has been recently completed, and the development will to commence soon.

There is a significant amount of new infrastructure proposed by Auckland Transport for the Pakuranga area, including:

  • a proposed vehicle flyover
  • major bus stop
  • dedicated busways
  • general roading improvements.

A third party investment could help develop the town centre in a bigger, more vibrant and beneficial way. It would also allow collaboration of major Pakuranga development projects in a way that enhances outcomes for the area (town centre, transport and facilities).

Recent proposal by Global Yellow Pages (GYP) Property Ltd

Current town centre owners GYP Properties, have shown an interest in developing in and around the Pakuranga town centre.

GYPP current investment proposals include a spend of over $500 million over 10 to 15 years, including:

  • over 900 dwellings
  • improved retail
  • a new purpose built community hub
  • civic and open spaces
  • and a better pedestrian environment.

Development agreement with GYP Properties

Auckland Council is open to this investment with its substantial benefits and will be negotiating a development agreement with GYP Properties.

The agreement will set out the standards and conditions for any development project. This does not give ultimate approval for development. GYPP will have to go through the same resource consent process as other developers.

The development agreement is a contract which confirms that any GYPP project would have to provide benefits to the community, such as infrastructure improvements and public open spaces. It also provides certainty to the developer that, if they meet the conditions over the course of the development, we agree to them using our land.

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