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SkyPath is a planned pedestrian and cycle pathway across the Waitematā Harbour, linking the North Shore to the CBD.

It will be 4m wide and approximately 1km long. It will have five viewing platforms (6m wide) and be fixed to the eastern clip-on lane of the Auckland Harbour Bridge. It will be open for 16 hours per day from 6am to 10pm. 

SkyPath will be accessed via Northcote Point and Westhaven and will complete a missing gap in Auckland’s cycling and walking network by connecting to other cycling and walking facilities.

The SkyPath Trust (formerly the Auckland Harbour Bridge Pathway Trust) has advocated for the completion of the missing cycling and walking link over the Waitematā Harbour for the last 12 years and developed the SkyPath concept in 2011.

Now Auckland Council is leading the project after the governing body decision in July 2016.

 SkyPath computer visualisation

Resource consent

In December 2016, the Environment Court granted consent for SkyPath. 

The court concluded that the proposed conditions for the operation of SkyPath will “regulate and minimise effects on the environment entirely adequately” and acknowledged that a patronage cap at the northern landing, as sought by the appellant, would “entirely undermine” the transport function of the project.

The resource consent was originally granted in July 2015 by independent commissioners for the council, but was appealed to the court by several community organisations.

Public-private partnership

In July 2016, Auckland Council’s governing body gave the green light for a public private partnership (PPP) to be considered to fund SkyPath. 

It is proposed that construction, operation and maintenance of SkyPath would be financed and delivered by H.R.L Morrison and Co’s Public Infrastructure Partnership Fund (PIP Fund) and there will be an admission charge for users.

If an agreement is finalised, Auckland Council would underwrite the revenue stream (from fares and sponsorship) – meaning topping up funds to an agreed amount if needed – and receive ownership rights and obligations after 25 years. In turn, if profits reach a certain level, the council and the SkyPath Trust will receive a share in these.

In April 2017, Downer withdrew as the potential builder for SkyPath. Since then, PIP Fund has reached out to a number of other major construction companies and there are more than five interested in becoming the construction partner. The PIP Fund is in dialogue with these companies and a builder is expected to be on board in winter 2017.

Proposed timeline

Undertake detailed design

During 2017

Construction (on and off-site)

During 2018

SkyPath expected to open

During 2019

For more information, view the Landings Design (PDF 2.73MB)




SeaPath is a cycling and walking facility proposed by the New Zealand Transport Agency. It would run between Esmonde Road, Takapuna, and Northcote Point, before connecting to SkyPath.

For more information, visit the SeaPath website.


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