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Sports Field Capacity Development Programme

Over the next 10 years, Auckland Council is investing $190m into developing, upgrading and renewing sports fields across the Auckland region.

Our aim is to increase sports field capacity so we can meet at least 80 per cent of the projected demand in all areas by 2022.

The programme is a combination of regionally funded projects and local board identified and funded projects. It will include installing artificial turfs and sand carpet fields, renewing existing fields, lighting, draining and new field development.

By the end of the programme, Aucklanders will be able to enjoy an additional 2,476 training hours per week through:

  • 66 fields with drainage improvements
  • 134 new sand carpet fields
  • 139 fields with new training lights
  • 37 new artificial turf fields.


Developing our sports fields

An indepth study carried out in 2011/2012 identified a major shortfall in sports field capacity, particularly for training purposes, and showed that sports fields are not spread evenly across the region.

We used this information to develop a methodology for prioritising work and increasing capacity to at least 80 per cent. Our sports turf advisors assessed all 747 council owned, leased or managed winter sports fields across the region and developed a draft 10 year programme that has been endorsed and is underway.


Programme funding and timeframes

Local boards, through their local board plans, have allocated and will continue to allocate, money to sports field development at the sports parks in their areas. Through the Long-term Plan, the governing body allocated an additional $84.9m to increasing sports field capacity. They identified that sport was an important way for Aucklanders to keep fit and healthy and that the current shortfall must be addressed.

Sports Field Capacity Development Programme Funding and Timeframes (PDF 432KB)


Keeping on top of the programme

Council turf advisors will continue to work with regional sports organisations, clubs, groups and partners.

We will also review the programme annually, with the following year's projects being confirmed during the review. This will allow us flexibility to deal with any situations such as changes in demand, geotechnical issues or soil contamination, new turf technologies or new land becoming available.

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