Takanini Cascades stormwater channel

Auckland Council is designing a major stormwater channel in Takanini that will reduce flooding in the Special Housing Areas. The channel will be formed as a natural stream surrounded by public open space.

In the event of a storm, the public open space will allow for flood flows.

Artist impression of stormwater channel surrounded by landscaping and roads

Timeframe and area access

Construction is planned for spring 2017 through to 2020.

Work hours will be from 7.30am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. Some work outside these hours may be required. We will notify affected residents in these cases.

Noise will be kept within regulations.

Construction may affect traffic but vehicle access to private property will be maintained. Traffic management will be present.

More information

Takanini Cascades project brief (PDF 8.7MB)

Takanini Cascades project map (PDF 3.1MB) 

For enquiries, phone 09 301 0101.

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