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Future Urban Land Supply Strategy

The Future Urban Land Supply Strategy sets out the order in which land is supplied for development. The strategy applies to development in the Future Urban zone over the next 30 years.

Approximately 11,000 hectares of Future Urban zone land is provided for in the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan. This land lies within the proposed Rural Urban Boundary, but outside the 2010 Metropolitan Urban Limit.

Development in this zone will accommodate some of the anticipated growth in Auckland’s population. To prepare this land for development, and achieve quality communities, the planning of these future urban areas and the supply of bulk infrastructure is crucial.


Auckland Council consulted on a draft Future Urban Land Supply Strategy during July and August 2015. This consultation closed on Monday 17 August. We received 236 submissions from individuals and organisations.

We also held four 'Have Your Say' events at Dairy Flat, Drury, Kumeu and Warkworth. A total of 270 people attended.

Notes from the 'Have Your Say' events:

Public meeting notes - Dairy Flat (PDF 132KB)
Public meeting notes - Drury (PDF 132KB)
Public meeting notes - Kumeu (PDF 148KB)
Public meeting notes - Warkworth (PDF 129KB)

The council’s project team is analysing feedback before reporting back to the Deliberations Panel. The panel includes Councillors Cashmore, Webster, Darby and Quax, and Glenn Wilcox from the Independent Maori Statutory Board. 

The Auckland Development Committee adopted the Future Urban Land Supply Strategy at the November Committee.

Future Urban Land Supply Strategy (PDF 2.6MB)

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