District and regional plans

District plans

District plans

A district plan contains guidance and rules about how you can use and develop your land.

District plan submissions.

District plan submissions

How to make a submission on your district plan.

Regional plans

Regional plans

There are several regional planning documents which contain guidance and rules about managing our natural and physical resources.

Volcnanic viewshafts.

Region wide plan changes on volcanic viewshafts

Find out about changes to the District Plan to update volcanic view shaft maps.

Proposed amendments to plans.

Proposed amendments to plans

District and regional plans can be amended at any time. Find out about the process and recent plan changes.

Lodged Notice of Requirement.

Lodged notices of requirement

View the lodged notices of requirement for the Auckland Council District Plan.

Nominated trees plan change.

Nominated trees plan change

Find out about plans to add notable trees to the Schedules of Notable Trees to ensure continued protection of trees of significance.

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